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Standing-up to Imposter Syndrome

Oh, imposter syndrome. Anyone else experienced this? No doubt you have, as it's a common phenomenon that can affect anyone, including those in the voice over industry. If you happen to be one of the fortunate few that haven’t felt it; it is a feeling of self-doubt and insecurity that can arise when a person feels like they are not qualified or experienced enough to be doing what they are doing, even if they are actually quite skilled.

Imposter syndrome can manifest in a number of ways in the voice over world. For example, a voice actor may feel like they are not good enough to be getting work, even if they have received positive feedback from clients and colleagues. They may also feel like they are not worthy of the success they have achieved, or that they have somehow fooled others into thinking they are more talented than they actually are.

If you are experiencing imposter syndrome as a voice actor, there are several things you can do to help combat these feelings:

Recognize that imposter syndrome is a common experience that many people go through, and that it does not reflect your actual level of skill or experience. In fact, struggling with it actually shows you care about the service you provide and hold yourself to a high standard.

Focus on your strengths and the positive feedback you have received from clients and colleagues. Look at the type of work you’re booking and practice it so it becomes second nature.

Connect with other voice actors and industry professionals to build a support network and gain perspective on your experiences. Voice over is THE most supportive industry I have ever been a part of.

Seek out additional training and professional development opportunities to build your skills and confidence. Take acting classes, improv classes, private coaching and workshops. Listen to webinars and podcasts.

Practice self-care and be kind to yourself, recognizing that it is very normal to experience self-doubt and that it does not define you as a person or a professional.

It certainly doesn’t measure your talent and ability.

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