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5 Pros and Cons of Online Casting Sites

If you’re a voice over actor, or an aspiring one, chances are you heard about online casting sites. If your curiosity didn’t get the best off you to google it - I can help you out. So, voice over casting sites aka pay to play sites are online platforms that charge voice actors membership fee which allows them a profile on their site and access to job postings with the ability to submit an audition for consideration to the clients. Your profile also allows clients to find you and perhaps invite you directly to their casting call. Examples of such sites are Voices dot com, VO Planet, and Bodalgo. No matter which casting site(s) you’re on, they’re always pros and cons to joining and investing your money and time into it.

Pros of voice over casting sites:

Convenience: Casting sites provide voice over job postings, giving voice actors accessibility to find and audition for work. Typically, you’ll be able to audition for at least five jobs a day.

  1. Exposure: Casting sites can provide exposure to a wide range of clients and projects, possibly increasing your chance of being selected for work or at least your audition sample listened to.

  2. Variety: Voice actors can audition for a variety of projects, including commercials, animation, and video games, narration, and more through casting sites which keeps it interesting.

  3. Ease of use: Casting sites often have user-friendly interfaces that streamline the audition and hiring process.

  4. Payment processing: Some casting sites handle payment processing, making it easier for voice over actors to get paid for their work.

Cons of voice over casting sites:

  1. Competition: Voice over casting sites often have a large pool of voice actors competing for the same jobs, which can drive down rates and decrease your chances of not only not getting the job, but not even getting your audition sample listened to.

  2. Fees: Voice over casting sites often charge fees, either to access job postings, submit auditions, or both, which can add up to a lot of money for voice actors who are looking for work. Some online casting sites will also let anyone join their site who has a credit card not caring whether they have any talent or experience.

  3. Quality control: The quality of auditions and voice actors can vary greatly on casting sites, which can be difficult for clients to navigate and make the right hiring decision. In a rush, the client may just hire whomever bids the cheapest and s “good enough”. New voice over actors can be highly susceptible to offering a low rate out of desperation.

  4. Limited control: Voice actors may have limited control over their profile and how they are marketed on casting sites. Even when you book a job, sometimes you have zero access to the client themselves, lessening the likelihood of keeping them as a returning client.

  5. Dependence: Relying solely on casting sites for work can limit a voice actor's opportunities and career growth, as they may not have direct access to clients or have the ability to build a strong personal brand. Say the site shuts down, so will your audition opportunities.

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