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5 Things Successful Voice Over Actors Do

Do you ever wonder what separates successful voice over actors and unsuccessful ones? Like, what truly sets them apart? If you’re in the latter group, you know it isn’t talent, because hey, you’ve got that! So, what separates them? Well, there’s five things successful voice over actors do that unsuccessful ones do not.

1. They Practice

Successful Voice Over Actors practice. If you were offered the role of your life -whatever that is- would you practice for it, or would you just show up and wing it? Voice over auditions are no exception. In the world of voice over, you have little to no time to prepare and you have one shot, so you better nail it. How do you do that? You practice. You practice as if you already have the job, so that when you go to audition you know who your voice is - the voice of authority? A best friend having a conversation? Trying to inspire? Trying to seduce? Telling a story? A successful voice over actor can do all of that, and more, at the drop of a hat. Natural talent can only take you so far, you need to know the rules and not only follow, but master them before you can break them

2. They Know Their Worth (And Are Worth What They Charge)

Successful voice over actors don’t low bid other voice over actors. They don’t work for free or “exposure” (there are some exceptions, of course, like for a charity event) and they don’t just take anything they can get because they are desperate. Successful voice over actors charge industry standards and say no to jobs that are frankly, just insulting. The Imposter syndrome is real, and the only way to overcome it is by being a master of the craft. How do you become a master? You put the time in.

3. They Audition…a lot

Successful voice actors get auditions from lots of different sources - casting sites, agents, direct marketing , and repeat clients, to name a few. There is too much competition these days to expect to get work from one source only. Companies are changing their brand constantly, and your voice may not always fit that change. So, you need to be constantly finding new clients, so once one leaves, a new one arrives. What keeps you auditioning during rejection and the lows? Knowing that you just never know what company you will be a good fit for, knowing that you’re good enough (and you know you are, because see 1. and 2.)

4. They are Persistent

Successful voice over actors have persistence. They keep going, even when the going isn’t good. There’s peaks and valleys in this industry. You can usually tell when someone is in a valley when they post less “humble brags” on social media. So to keep the valleys from getting too deep, they have to be creative when work is slow (see number 3): reach out to new clients and production company rosters, practice their craft, hold webinars, pay for advertising, and more. They may think about quitting, might start looking for a new line of work, but they never give up. They may take a break, feel sorry for themselves, and even question whether this is something they should keep doing, but they don’t give up.

5. They Take Risks

Successful voice over actors take risks. They don’t just keep doing what they normally do and just hope for the best. They keep their eye on the trends, and adapt accordingly. They make bold choices in the style of voice over they choose to audition with, and are confident in that choice. With more and more people pursuing voice over as a profession, this highly competitive field is becoming even more competitive. Therefore, standing out as a voice over actor is becoming increasingly more important. The best way to do that is be authentically you. How do you know what is authentically you? Practice with scripts, play around with different voice styles, get feedback from someone (people) in the know, and pay attention to the types of jobs you book, and the ones you are not.

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