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What Equipment do I need?

Computer or laptop

Microphone(s) and accessories

Studio Headphones

Audio Interface

Recording space

Acoustic Treatment

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What Qualities make up a voice over actor?

Ability to act


Your Brand - Style, Tone, Main Quality

Vocal Range

Getting Into Voice Over: Beginner Basics

How do I get work?


Direct Marketing

Hone your craft

Online casting



Why a coach?

Help you discover your “money voice”

Explore different voice over styles, deliveries, and pitch

Keep up with current and upcoming voice over trends

Practice scripts with feedback

Navigating various pay-to-play sites

                                                 Sound Familiar:
“People always tell me I have a good voice” “They say I should be a voice actor”
“Isn’t voice acting just the same as on camera acting?
“Can I actually make money with my voice? “How do I get started?

By booking a 10 min free consult with me - A full-time working voice actor!
We’ll have a chat about what you’re looking for, what I offer, and see if it’s a good match!
                                               Just click the link below!

Book a free 10 minute consult with Katie to see if coaching is a good fit for you!


If you're ready to dive right in with coaching with Katie - You can purchase a one time session here or a 3 pack at a discounted rate here and you'll receive a FREE PDF of
5 Things Successful Voice Over Actors Do!

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