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Katie is the quintessential authentic, highly relatable female voice!
With a sound ranging from 18 to 45 years old, Katie can provide you with that relatable, conversational, and friendly voice, or give you more of a confident, passionate, and authoritative tone. She has the ability to deliver your message in a way that is believable, authentic, and true to your brand.
As a talented voice over artist, Katie has voiced for terrestrial radio commercials, national television commercials, paid placement and non broadcast Internet videos, business videos, educational, eLearning, explainer videos, email blasts, conferences and events, and more. She is committed to providing you with the best voice for your project, whether it's a national commercial or a small presentation.
Voice over is about a great read, but so much more! You want to work with someone that takes the project as seriously as you do, that is easy to work with, and that is highly communicative. You'll get all that and a kick ass sense of humor with Katie.
Katie offers a fast turnaround for your audio. Once hired, she will deliver your file within 24 hours, usually much less!

                                                   Remote Onsite Voice over Studio


It’s no surprise that virtual offices and services are becoming the norm. High quality, talented voice over narration for commercials, training, explainers, and business videos is no exception. Katie Harrington offers remote broadcast quality voice overs for every voice over genre out of her professional home recording studio featuring a custom built isolation booth.


Katie offers you multiple options to connect with, direct and record her voice via Source Connect patched to the studio of your choice. Don’t have Source Connect? Zoom, Skype or phone call is a popular option as well.


What is Source Connect? Source Connect picks up the raw unprocessed audio of one studio and transmits it over software via the internet and records it in another studio. Source Connect is the best way to ensure the highest quality sound for your projects. Working with studios around the world, Source Connect provides the most solid bridge from one studio to the other to capture quality sound. From her studio connection “katiehfx” to yours, you can safely record your projects in a remote manner knowing you are using and getting the highest sound quality possible.

Katie records in a custom built vocal isolation room. A dedicated home studio coupled with high speed FibreOP internet connection, Katie is able to work remotely with clients all around the world.


Microphone: Rhode NT1A


Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i4


Editing software: Sony Vegas

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