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Explainer videos are just that- they explain. It may be a business idea, product or service but the idea is the same; to provide information as to what they’re all about, usually in a bit of a storytelling way. One of the many great things about Explainers is that the visual representations, along with voice over and music engage consumers. They offer a problem and a solution without the “hard sell.” The voice over here is a narrator which brings the emotion, adds warmth and personality and overall enhances the quality of the video. 


Typically Explainer videos are no longer than 90 seconds and are public facing. They are relatively inexpensive, live on your company’s website and can be shown organically on all your social media platforms. (Paid placement is where we start getting into commercial cost territory).


Any business or organization can benefit from an Explainer video. Whether your industry is IT, educational, health, private sector or small business, Katie’s voice over can take your video from adequate to outstanding.

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