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The use of voice over in commercials is nothing new. Voice has the ability to invoke emotion, to resonate, to be persuasive, and above all, voice brings a human element to the advertisement.


Whether it’s on Radio, Television, or the Web, voice over can be used to deliver a company’s key messages, inform about an event or cause, and promote a new product or service. Studies show that ads with voice over appeal more to audiences than those with no voice over. The rise of requests for female voice over as well as the current trend of a conversational and relatable tone, show the shift in commercials from talking at the audience to talking to/with them.


Authenticity and Believably is becoming more and more important to brands, especially in 2021 where audiences are looking for transparency and realness. Quite frankly, brands that don’t focus on these things are becoming irrelevant and left in the dust for the more progressive ones.


Katie’s vocal services can help with your company’s commercial message in a way that ticks all of these important boxes. Whether you are a bank, a non-profit, a huge national organization, or a toy company (you get the picture).


Now is the time to set your commercial apart from the noise of the past.


it’s time to stand out.

:15 Radio Farmers Business Network
:15 Radio Tri Star Health
:15 Radio Allied Arts
:15 Web Yahoo Finance
:60 TV Adidas
:15 Air Canada
:15 Greenpeace
:60 Amazon
:15 Nike
:15 Wendy's
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