Adias - Television and Web spots

Yahoo! Finance - Social Media Ad

TriStar Health - Radio Ad

Allied Arts - Radio Ad

GCI - Radio Ad

MegaRed - Omegatown Internet Ads

Irving Oil - Television & Radio spots

NSLC - Television spots

Sobeys - Radio Ad


Mars, Incorporated - eLearning course

Kids help Phone - Conference

Blume Global - explainer animated/motion video series

Pearson OnVue - Corporate video

Cypress - Training video

HSBC - Case study

The Financial Diet - Video Narration


Microsoft- Technology and Advertising Conference 

Volvo - Tease/hype film

Ferrero Rocher - Boardamatic

Megafood - Pandora spots

The University of Arizona - Promo for upcoming series

The North Face - Marketing campaign

Poly One - Leadership meeting

Web Videos

Cerenia - Internet videos

Quantum Egg - Internet video

Intapp - Internet video

She Can STEM - Internet video

Halifax Regional Municipality - Internet Video

Funny or Die - Parody Commercial

Marine Atlantic - Website video

BLR - Re-brand video

Belay Bank- Re-branding video

Farmers Business Network - Radio Ads

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